The Road to Strategy Blog — “Is HR a Strategic Partner?”

September 22, 2010 at 6:38 pm Leave a comment

By Rich Horwath,
Keynote Speaker at the SHRM 2010 Strategy Conference

Rich Horwath

During a trip to England to lead a strategy program for executives from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, an interesting topic came up. Several of the European business leaders wanted to know what role HR plays in strategy in the United States. They were surprised to hear that over the past five years, HR executives’ own assessment that they play a solid role in strategy development dropped from 41% to 32%.

Why is that? Is it because their colleagues from marketing, sales, finance, and operations have greater strategic insights than HR managers?

No. I believe it’s because HR executives haven’t had the tools and frameworks as readily available as the other disciplines to communicate their strategic insights with the rest of the organization. If you’re an HR manager, what tools are you using to generate and communicate strategic insights to your colleagues?

The answer can determine whether you’re sitting at the big table during the meeting or setting up the big table prior to the meeting.

Share your thoughts on the Strategy Conference group on SHRM Connect.  For more information on Mr. Horwath and other speakers at this year’s Strategy Conference,   click here.

About the Author

Rich Horwath works with Fortune 500 companies located in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific. He guides executive management teams through the strategy development process and has helped world-class organizations such as Abbott, Adidas and Pfizer increase their organizational competency in strategic thinking.


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