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Is there a (Tom) BRADY in your BUNCH?

Tom Brady, NFL Quarterback

As the NFL season draws to a close, once again Tom Brady has turned in another MVP caliber season and is the likely frontrunner for that award.   With each year, the legend of Tom Brady grows as does his resume (three Super Bowls, countless records and more) — and his hair.   When we take a moment to reflect on his rise from low draft pick to superstar and team leader, there are lessons that we as HR professionals can learn about leadership cultivation and talent development.

The Tom Brady story in the NFL begins with The New England Patriots selecting him in the sixth round of the NFL draft (198 other players were chosen ahead of him).

In his first year,  the coaching staff worked with Brady (who was the third string QB at the time) teaching him the system (which in football equates to the corporate culture or method of operations) with the thought that with the proper cultivation he might be able to take the reigns should the need arise.    The mentoring and time that the coaches spent with the young rookie paid off as he rose from third string to backup by the end of his first year, with the thought that he could eventually lead the team in the future.

Well…as fate would have it…the future came in his second year, when the starting QB was injured early in the season.   When it was time for him to step up, Tom Brady was  ready, leading the team to a Super Bowl victory which was the start of a stellar career which most predict will lead to the Hall of  Fame.

Looking at this from an HR perspective, The New England Patriots identified an “employee” within their organization with potential (Brady) and provided the training, mentoring and professional development needed to prepare him to take a leadership role.    When the time came,  he was prepared to take on a leadership role which led to continued success for the organization as a whole.    So in essence, the Patriots plucked a “Brady” from their “bunch” with great results.

Is there a BRADY in your bunch?  Is there  one person or a group of people within your company/organization who, with the proper professional development and training can become a future leader?

If the answer is YES, does your company/organization have a system in place that encourages professional development and growth among your employees that can assist in their ascension to leadership roles?

If the answer is NO, it is important to evaluate your organization’s talent recruitment processes to determine how effective it  is in  identifying talented people who meet immediate needs while also possessing skills that can equip them to meet future needs as well.  When the Patriots drafted Tom Brady he filled an immediate need for a back up quarterback but was selected with a thought that he had potential to fill the need for a starting quarterback in the future.

So in 2011 ask yourself is there a Brady in your bunch?  You just never know where you may find your organization’s next MVP.

— by Curtis Midkiff,  (follow me on twitter @shrmsocmedguy)


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On the Road with SHRM

SHRM’s Chief Global Membership Officer Janet Parker recently led a forty person delegation of HR leaders from 20 states as well as from Singapore and Qatar who have dedicated a week to experience China.  Some of the delegates, a majority of whom are senior HR leaders, are currently doing business in China and others are in the process of setting up business here.  In this installment of “On the Road with SHRM” Janet shares a few highlights from the first days of the trip.


On Monday we met with China International Intellectech Corporation, the leading HR Outsource Provider. They provided us with an overview of the work environment in China including a briefing on China laws. Their primary HR challenge is lack of seasoned leaders and attracting and retaining talent.  They specifically addressed their challenges with retaining younger professionals.

One of the presenters, Susie Bates, VP Recruitment, United Family Healthcare, has been a long-standing member of SHRM.  She advised us that she could not have been as successful in her career without the resources provided by SHRM.

On Monday afternoon, we met with professors and students at Peking University.  The delegation thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the students.  The students were so enthusiastic about their career in Human Resources and were very eager to get our perspective on key HR topics including leadership, culture and retention. Many of the students were members of SHRM and so proud to be affiliated with the Society.

The city is amazing!  It is a unique mixture of old and new.  It is evident from our meetings that strategic HR leadership is critical to the success of businesses in China.

The overall reaction to the visit is that it has exceeded everyone’s expectation.  Looking forward to what’s next over the coming days.


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NEW VIDEO: The Twilight Tweetup (SHRM 2010 Leadership Conference)

 The Urban Dictionary defines a tweetup as 

An organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter. (A meet up of people that ‘tweet’ using Twitter.)”

The recent TWILIGHT TWEETUP at the Leadership Conference was that and SO MUCH MORE…check out the video below for the highlights!

[VIMEO 17139950]


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SHRM10TV Live @ Leadership — A Conversation With Ryan Estis

At the SHRM10 Leadership Conference, we spoke with Ryan Estis, noted speaker and business performance expert at the SHRM Social Media Studio.    Ryan discussed the concept of “employer branding”, social media, and “what’s next in HR”

[VIMEO 17007925]

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On the Road with SHRM — “Live” from SHRMAtlanta!

Over the past few months, the SHRM Leadership Team has been on the road meeting with SHRM members to discuss “what’s next” in HR and to answer questions regarding “what’s next” for SHRM.

In this installment of “On The Road with SHRM” we feature highlights of a Q&A session SHRM’s Chief Global Membership Officer Janet Parker recently conducted with volunteer leaders at the 2010 SHRM Atlanta Conference.   Stay tuned for future installments  and we welcome your feedback on future locations and conversation topics!

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SHRM10TV @ Diversity — A Conversation with Lois Backon

At the SHRM 2010 Diversity and Inclusion Conference we had the opportunity to speak with Lois Backon, Sr. Vice President of the Families and Work Institute.  In this capacity, she plays a key role in the organization’s efforts  increasing awareness of the need for effective and flexible workplaces throughout the nation and recognizing employers that have programs, policies and a culture of supporting flexible and effective workplaces.

[VIMEO 16333094]

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SHRM10TV @ Diversity — A Conversation with Howard Ross

At the 2010 SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference, we had an opportunity to chat with keynote speaker Howard Ross, one of the nation’s leading experts on diversity, leadership, and organizational change.    He shared his thoughs on “Diversity, Inclusion and the Concealed Mind”. 

[VIMEO 16332842]

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